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In our chatroom there are many features to enjoy. List of features are given below.

Smart Notification

Never miss any update in Chatroom.

Our notification feature is superb, whenever someone add you as freidn / send you friend request then you will get a notification or your rank is up or down by our management then you will also get notification.

Personalized style

Latest Designed With Latest Features

Add Friends

You can send friend request to other users and make them your friend.

Tracking & progress

Your progress will be tracked by our management and watching your timeline of progress you will get higher rank.

Pakistani Chat Rooms for chat, we are providing best chatting solution to everyone in free of cost. You can join our chatroom platform and also can make new friends from here. Karachi Chat Rooms, Peshawar Chat Rooms, Lahore Chat Rooms. Register yourself in our chatroom to became a part of world’s best chatting platform.

Chat Rooms are place where you can make new friends and live like a family they share whole day’s story to each other and also discuss matters and their solutions with each other. Pakistani Chat Rooms Gold Chat Zone is best chatting platform for all states.

Multiple Languages you can use in our chatroom and can chat with that type of accent person. Either you are from Pakistan or from ENgland or From China our Chatroom provides your all kind of people to talk with.

Our Chatroom have BOT System, We had added BOT in our chatroom so that you can get help instead of admin either admin is available or not and our BOT system is strong enough to find and detect bad words, bad people, and can also work as a human to talk with other users.

Our BOT Can DO These:

  • Auto Ban – Ban those people who use bad words automatically.
  • Auto Kick – Our BOT will kick out those users from chatroom who abuse to other users.
  • Spam Detective – Our BOT is a spam detector.
  • Auto Reply – BOT can reply to queries which will be asked to him.